Aircraft for MSFS/CFS made by Wherewolf

Miles Magister model for MSFS-98/2k
Собственно самолёт Miles Magister
Miles Magister sounds (by Mike Hambly)
Звуки для Miles Magister
Miles Magister Drawings taken from
Чертежи, с сайта 13-я База

Miles M.14a Magister I
This one is a 3-rd place winner in Royal Air Race
12/07/1958 Pilot - W.H.Bailey
Length:7610 mm
Wing span:10300 mm
Weight:1800 lb (loaded)
Power:130hp single engine
Designer:Dmitry 'Wherewolf' Poznyak
Date:December 1999
ANT-25 - history. (English only)
АНТ-25 - история на английском.
ANT-25 - history and drawings (Russian only)
АНТ-25 - история и чертежи
ANT-25 Download NOW !.
АНТ-25 - Загрузить!.

ANT-25 Soviet build record plane.
The 18 of June 1937 this one was made a flight
over a North Pole from Soviet Union to USA.
During 63 hours and 16 minutes it's crew
( Chkalov V.P.,Baydukov G.F. and Belyakov A.V.)
covered over 9130 km and landed in USA in the 20-th of June.
Length 13.4 meters. Wing Span: 34.0 meters
Weight: Empty/Max:3500/10000 kg.
Power: 900 hp M-34R 12 cylinder reciprocating engine
Max Speed: 246 km/h , Max. range:10800 km. Crew - 3.
Release date: 09 january 2002.
A-7-3a Project status.

A-7-3a, a Soviet build combat giroplane.
Estimated release date: UNKNOWN

Now working!!!!
DB-A long range bomber in a record plane modification.
Estimated release date: UNKNOWN YET, BUT APPROACHING!!!

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